Halloween Ghost Cake


Take a wooden skewer and cut a piece about three to four inches long.

Stick the end of the skewer piece into the styrofoam ball & cover the ball with plastic wrap. Add to foam block.

Roll out a large circle of white fondant or gumpaste and dust both sides with cornstarch.

Drape the fondant over the styrofoam ball that's stuck into a foam block. Fidget with it to get the draping to look right.

Add black fondant eyes and a mouth. Attach with water or shortening.

Let the ghost dry for 8 hours (no more), then pull out the styrofoam ball. Then let the ghost harden for another 24 hours.

Prepare your cake. Just decorate it how you like. Orange & black are fun here.

Cover the bottom of an LED light with plastic wrap & set onto the top of the cake.

Set the dried & firm ghost on top of the cake and wow your friends and family!

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