How to Get Buttercream White


 WHIP THE BUTTERCREAM: Once all the ingredients of the buttercream are well mixed, turn the mixer on medium-high to high and whip for around five minutes. After a couple of minutes, the frosting will lighten in color.

 USE WHITE GEL FOOD COLORING: There’s no set amount of white food coloring you’ll need, just add in a good amount once all the ingredients are well mixed. Mix again, then reassess if you need more food coloring.

ADD A BIT OF VIOLET OR PURPLE GEL FOOD COLORING: Violet or purple is on the opposite side of the color wheel as yellow and it helps to cancel out that yellow tinge. Use only a tiny amount at a time though, mixing after each addition.

USE CLEAR VANILLA EXTRACT: Using vanilla bean paste, a dark vanilla extract, or even regular vanilla extract can darken the buttercream depending on how much you use. Use clear vanilla extract to keep from adding any additonal color.

TRY USING VEGETABLE SHORTENING: Try replacing all or half of the butter with vegetable shortening. That will lessen the amount of yellow that comes from using butter.

USE A COMINATION OF SEVERAL OF THESE OPTIONS: For example, you can whip the buttercream for several minutes to lighten the color, then add in a few specks of violet or purple gel food coloring and mix until the yellow tinge has gone.

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