Tips for Transporting Cakes


Make a plan first: Where are you going? How long will it take? Are there bumpy roads? Hard turns? Steep inclines? Will you need to leave early? How early?

Always use a box or a cake carrier: You need something that will protect the cake from debris. Make sure the box is the same size as the cake base or else the cake will just slide around in the box.

Transport cakes on a flat surface: Don’t transport custom cakes on the car seat or someone’s lap, especially if it’s a tiered cake. Those surfaces aren't flat and you need a flat surface like a clean floorboard.

Try chilling the cake to firm it up: This will help stabilize the cake. Pre-chill the vehicle as well. Go ahead and turn on the AC and let it cool down before you add the cake.

Give yourself plenty of time and drive carefully: You want to leave early so you're not rushing and can take your time. Take turns slowly and try to stay far behind other vehicles, so you don't have to stop suddenly.

If you do this for a living, consider getting a car magnet or sign: These signs can say 'Cake on Board' or 'Sorry I'm so Slow...there's a Cake on Board". This will help explain to those around you, why you might be driving extra carefully.

Use something to cushion the cake: Yoga mats are perfect for this. They add cushion, but not so much that it will cause the cake box to bounce around. These are especially useful when delivering tiered cakes.

Use something to keep the cake from sliding around: Use a non-stick shelf liner under the cake box. It’s the kind that’s got the rubbery, bumpy texture and it keeps the cake box from sliding around.

Don't transport a cake on a cake stand: Transport the cake in a box or covered and add it to a stand when you get to the event. The stand is very likely to tip over if you travel with the cake already on it.

If it's a tiered cake, use supports: Dowels are really important to use in tiered cakes. If cake tiers aren't supported, the entire cake could collapse when transporting it.

If it's a tall or stacked cake, stack it at the venue: Sometimes there's not enough room in a vehicle and it helps to take the tiers separately and just stack the cake at the venue.

If you can't find the right sized cake box, make your own: Use taller boxes you can find at local stores and just tape up the ends of the box and cut a line down the longest, tallest side so the box actually opens from the side to slide your cake into.

If transporting a cake in a car trunk, make sure to add cushion and think twice if it's hot outside: If the car seats lay down and open to the trunk, blast the air conditioner to cool it down.  Always remember to add a cushion like a yoga mat.

Bring an emergency kit: This is especially true if it's a decorated cake. Bring items with you in case there is a mishap and the cake needs to be repaired.  Bring extra buttercream, piping bags with the tips you used, icing spatula, paper towels and anything else you think you might need. If stacking cakes at the venue, bring supplies to do that.

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